Bob & Becky Kopeny, Mario Carona, Nan Kuhl,  Hilary Smart, Steve Shambeck, Ozzie Castillo, Tom Montes.


OUR mission

Our team is off to visit our two sister churches in Havana Cuba. We are going to financially help and encourage them to continue shining their lights bright for Jesus Christ. We will be visiting Richard and his church as well as Mesa.

Click this link to find out about our sister churches.


Our team from Calvary Chapel East Anaheim was blessed to encourage our two sister churches in Havana. We also walked the boardwalk and looked for opportunities to meet strangers and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Lord led us to two Cuban teen-aged brothers. God opened their hearts to our words and they each received Jesus Christ.

We then met a a thirty year old man from Liberia, Africa, His name is Sampson. Sampson  was clearly depressed as he explained that he had recently come to Cuba and the authorities had seized all of his possessions as well as the money he needed to live on. He knew nobody in Cuba and was very alone. 

We shared the love of Christ with him and felt the Lord leading us to talk to him about his need for a Savior. Sampson prayed with us to receive Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior. Our team purchased a plane ticket to send Sampson home to Liberia. He wept broke down with tears and God's joy flooded his heart as He confessed God was meeting him in his need in an undeniable way. We included Samson in all that we did for the duration of our trip.

All three of these men joined us to go to church that evening and also the next morning worship services. It was awesome to see God working in their lives. The two boys brought a cousin with them to church as well.  As it turned out, while we met them about 45 minutes away from our sister church, they just "happened" to live about 4 blocks away! They are able to walk to church now! Thank you Lord!

Our church gave money so CC Havana could buy some food and invite people off the busy streets to come in and eat breakfast before the Service. As a result, many came in and four more people gave their lives to Jesus that morning. What a blessing! We thank God for all He has done and all He has begun! We are so grateful for all the prayers of God's people back home that allowed God's Spirit to move in power through the  gospel. To God be the glory!