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Scarecrow, Scarecrow
Hangin’ on a stick
Do Blackbirds
Buzzing ‘round you
Know you’re just a trick?

Scarecrow, Scarecrow
Hangin’ in a field
Can you protect tender seeds
Till time for Harvest yield?

Scarecrow, Scarecrow
Arms flappin’ in the breeze
Aren’t you just a tease?

Jesus, Savior
Hangin’ on a tree
All because of me.

Jesus, Savior,
Resurrected One
Paid my sin price
Battle now is won

Jesus, Savior,
My life is Yours
Till time without end.

by Marilyn Allison


who 3

“Who, who, who loves you? Jesus is the One! Who, who, died for you? Jesus, God’s own Son! Who, who will take you to His home above? Jesus Christ, our Lord and King, He’s the One we love!”

A song from Child Evangelism

When I saw this owl made out of pumpkins, this little song played in my head! A sweet child’s song from Child Evangelism that I used to sing to my own children when they were small. A song also that I taught to my children in my preschool class years ago. A little song and a cute owl that perhaps may speak to your hearts and find its way into your homes as well this October!

I love to decorate my home for the seasons we are in! Just a little, nothing too complicated, but I like those who enter my home to know this home loves Jesus! It is a quiet testimony to Jesus that He is the unseen guest in our home.

 Country Living.com is where I found the idea! They made this cute, cute owl that I just had to try to make!  The owl is fairly simple to make and it is not too costly.

It is made of two pumpkins, a small one for the head and a larger one for the body. The two pumpkins are hot glued together. I then tied a narrow piece of ribbon [mine is black with tiny white polka-dots] that I had between the head and the body to cover the hot glue that showed through.


who 6


White cupcake liners are used for the white of the eyes and brown cupcake liners cut in half make up the eyelashes. The wings are made with both brown and white cupcake liners cut in half. Brown, black, and white construction papers are used for the eyes. The white construction paper circle is cut to fit the inside of the cupcake liner. I used a spice jar lid to make the brown circle and a dime to make the black circle. Black construction paper is used for the beak and the feet. No pattern; I just “eye-balled” these. No two pumpkins will be identical and each will have its own personality! These pieces are then glued together before hot gluing to the pumpkin.


who 2


I printed out the words to the song and glued them to a harvest-themed paper I had.


who 1


This was a fun project to make and one that makes me smile when I enter the room! I think it is so nice to find a way to decorate the month of October in a way that shows my love for Jesus to my grandchildren and to all who may enter my home. It also gives me the opportunity to teach them a new song! How do you decorate your home in early fall?


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“Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; for You I wait all the day.”

Psalm 25:5

By Pat Tingwall



I made my way down stairs for my morning ritual cup of joe. As I entered the kitchen I was greeted by disheveled dishes piled high on the countertop–remnants of last night’s dinner. Clean, no less, they sparkled in the dawn’s first sun. Sipping hot creamy coffee, I slowly removed a plastic cup that balanced atop the chaotic display;  it’s heavier counterparts, a metal spoon rest and stainless steel pot. slid abruptly, loudly crashing into the sink. I was quite sure the blatant racket had disturbed the tranquility that still rested upstairs as my famly slept in their cozy beds. Carefully and methodically I continued removing each dish and utensil, like figuring out a puzzle, until every last piece was returned to its proper place ready for use again.

In the moment, I recalled a fleeting notion, surely a wise warning, though quickly dismissed last night:
This is not gonna hold.
Na,” I said to the quiet prediction. “I built it well, supported safe.”

Until the time arrived this morning, to disassemble my domestic piece of art.

A new thought passed through my mind…

Who does this? Who stacks dishes piled high, with no organization, but with perfect strategy, building weightier ceramic cake plate atop a flimsy, plastic throw-away container, while forks protrude every which way like an abstract bouquet of assorted crockery?
Of course, I had to own up.
I do this.

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One week before school was to begin, my two daughters and one son-in-law prepared for the new school year with a week of worship, prayers, meetings, and classroom preparations with their fellow teaching staff and administration. My husband and I had the wonderful task of watching three of our grandchildren during this time…one week before each of them would venture into their new school year. As I contemplated the beginning of this new school year, I also thought of my daughter-in-law who is homeschooling her two children. So many teachers getting ready for the coming school term….preparing their hearts and lessons for the children they will be teaching this year. My heart quickened in the need to hold all teachers up in prayer! Will you join me?

Let us not miss the opportunity to be in prayer for those who will teach our children. Teaching is a high calling and what is taught molds and shapes the next generation. Let us pray they will teach with integrity, honesty, godly wisdom, and love for each child in their class. Let us pray they will strive to meet the needs of the children entrusted to them. Let us pray God will convict their hearts to choose to do what is right and good as they teach. Let us pray they will choose to live uprightly and be good examples to our children. Let us pray their teaching will honor God.

As a former preschool teacher myself, I know what little “sponges” children are when it comes to learning! Their little hearts and young minds are eager to learn about the world they live in! I know how important it is to teach well their vulnerable minds. Our children are our most valuable gift from God. Let us be in prayer for God’s protection over their hearts and minds as they enter school. There is much in the schools these days that is contrary to God’s Word. Let us unite in prayer for God’s hand to be a guard over them.

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