I made my way down stairs for my morning ritual cup of joe. As I entered the kitchen I was greeted by disheveled dishes piled high on the countertop–remnants of last night’s dinner. Clean, no less, they sparkled in the dawn’s first sun. Sipping hot creamy coffee, I slowly removed a plastic cup that balanced atop the chaotic display;  it’s heavier counterparts, a metal spoon rest and stainless steel pot. slid abruptly, loudly crashing into the sink. I was quite sure the blatant racket had disturbed the tranquility that still rested upstairs as my famly slept in their cozy beds. Carefully and methodically I continued removing each dish and utensil, like figuring out a puzzle, until every last piece was returned to its proper place ready for use again.

In the moment, I recalled a fleeting notion, surely a wise warning, though quickly dismissed last night:
This is not gonna hold.
Na,” I said to the quiet prediction. “I built it well, supported safe.”

Until the time arrived this morning, to disassemble my domestic piece of art.

A new thought passed through my mind…

Who does this? Who stacks dishes piled high, with no organization, but with perfect strategy, building weightier ceramic cake plate atop a flimsy, plastic throw-away container, while forks protrude every which way like an abstract bouquet of assorted crockery?
Of course, I had to own up.
I do this.

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One week before school was to begin, my two daughters and one son-in-law prepared for the new school year with a week of worship, prayers, meetings, and classroom preparations with their fellow teaching staff and administration. My husband and I had the wonderful task of watching three of our grandchildren during this time…one week before each of them would venture into their new school year. As I contemplated the beginning of this new school year, I also thought of my daughter-in-law who is homeschooling her two children. So many teachers getting ready for the coming school term….preparing their hearts and lessons for the children they will be teaching this year. My heart quickened in the need to hold all teachers up in prayer! Will you join me?

Let us not miss the opportunity to be in prayer for those who will teach our children. Teaching is a high calling and what is taught molds and shapes the next generation. Let us pray they will teach with integrity, honesty, godly wisdom, and love for each child in their class. Let us pray they will strive to meet the needs of the children entrusted to them. Let us pray God will convict their hearts to choose to do what is right and good as they teach. Let us pray they will choose to live uprightly and be good examples to our children. Let us pray their teaching will honor God.

As a former preschool teacher myself, I know what little “sponges” children are when it comes to learning! Their little hearts and young minds are eager to learn about the world they live in! I know how important it is to teach well their vulnerable minds. Our children are our most valuable gift from God. Let us be in prayer for God’s protection over their hearts and minds as they enter school. There is much in the schools these days that is contrary to God’s Word. Let us unite in prayer for God’s hand to be a guard over them.

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Cross Shadow

I feel led to share that the last few years The Lord has been convicting me of the suitability of my choices in TV programs, movies, and reading material.  At first I was resistant to giving up my beloved shows, and would compromise by skipping over any parts I felt were offensive.  As I found myself becoming more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s conviction regarding many of my entertainment choices, I began to find it easier to press the delete button, cleaning up my life of worldly trash that was polluting my soul.  I have always heard “garbage in, garbage out, and now I am a true believer.

I am in the process of discovering that God does not want to deprive me of quality entertainment. I am finding much more enjoyment from Christian novels, family oriented TV and movies, and don’t miss the guilt of subjecting myself to questionable material.

I feel blessed and ministered to in so many of the wonderful selections of Christian reading material available, and feel God has hand-led me to so many spiritual lessons thru life affirming books that teach biblical principals and enrich my soul.

I don’t know what else God is going to delete off my play list this year (I hope it isn’t going to be “Downton Abbey”),  but whatever it may be, I know that God won’t have to pry it from me anymore.  I know that God is working in my life to draw me ever closer to fulfilling my Heavenly destiny, as The Lord constantly draws me closer to His will for my life.

I was blessed this morning as The Lord confirmed to me in a special way that “His Way” is far superior to “my way.” As I was indulging in an early morning read of my latest Christian novel, I received a Godly stamp of approval.

The picture above shows how the light hit my window causing this shadow of a cross to appear on the page of my book.   The other shadow is of me capturing the image in the hopes it will bless others, as it has me.

“For I am The Lord your God. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy.
You shall not defile yourselves.” 1 Peter 1:15 a

With Much Love, and many blessings,
Julie Hill





 “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”  Hebrews 4:12

During my Quiet Time this morning the LORD led me to the above verse, right after He led me to Psalm 32:8:

 “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye.”

As the day has progressed these words continue to rumble at the forefront of my consciousness.  The word is living…God will instruct me in the way I should go…the Word pinpoints the thoughts in my brain and the motivation of my heart…He will guide me with His eye.  How many times in my life has God quickened a scripture to my heart for the very need I had at that point in time, then has used the very same scripture at another time and under different circumstances to teach and direct me?  Is this not Living?  The context of the scripture and it’s original intent do not change, but the Living God breathes life into His Word to apply and direct life…yours and mine.

This Fall there are many opportunities for us, as women, to get into the Word and learn to know God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) better.  One of the blessings I’ve discovered in studying the Word with a group of women who love Jesus is deep friendship.  Ladies from each of the small groups I’ve been fortunate to be in have become a core group of Sisters who love each other, pray for each other, encourage each other, understand when times are tough, weep together, laugh together, worship and praise God together.

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