Poem: Jack O’Lantern


Carving a fat, old pumpkin
Into a Happy Face
A candle glows so brightly,
Where there once was an empty space.

Jack O’ Lantern, Jack O’ Lantern
You’re a lot like me
I was once so empty and dark
As dark as dark could be

Then the “Light of the World” named, Jesus
Came to live in me.

Now instead of darkness,
There’s a warm and happy glow.
Even though I don’t deserve it,
I know He loves me so.

Jack O’ Lantern, Jack O’ Lantern,
You’re a lot like me,
‘Cept for one big difference
That I can plainly see

For your light flickers faintly
And will soon be growing dim.
While mine will just shine brighter
As I daily walk with Him.

Now, if you’re just a pumpkin
A sittin’ on the vine,
And the Light of the World comes to your patch
And wants to make you shine,
Just open up your empty heart
And ask Him to come in

Then me and Jack O’ Lantern
Won’t be the only ones to wear a grin!

By Darla Lewis

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