The beginnings of Mission Cuba...

In the early 1990’s Pastor Bob took a three man team to visit our “sister church” in Havana Cuba. It is a small church called “The Church of God in Jesus Christ” located in the heart of downtown Havana. Having only exchanged letters and photos, Pastor Bob came with money, medicine and clothing to assist our impoverished brothers and sisters in this Communist controlled country. On the last night before he left Cuba, Pastor Bob met two young Cuba men on a bus on his way back to his hotel. After sharing with them, they both received Christ as Lord and Savior! One of those two young men named Ricardo went on to found the very first Calvary Chapel in Cuba! He now pastors our second “sister church” Calvary Chapel San Mateo.


Ricardo and Mislady lead and pastor CC San Mateo and have an effective ministry to over 175 people in the poor suburb of Havana. His church also meets in his home and has transformed the neighborhood where he lives. They live on the second floor and are building a third floor to accommodate more room as the church is growing so fast!

Jose and Caridad Mesa

Jose and Caridad effectively lead and pastor the Church of God in Jesus Christ. Their church is cramped into a tiny sanctuary that is essentially the living room of their small apartment in Havana! The church has over 100 people who attend services. They are on fire for the Lord and doing a great work of preaching the gospel to the poor.

We send small teams in once or twice a year to encourage these pastors, their families and their churches that they are not forgotten by outside brethren. We pray for them and as we see their passion our hearts cry with theirs “Cuba para Christo!” “Cuba For Christ!”