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R & R

"R & R" have been a part of Calvary Chapel East Anaheim from the very first day this fellowship started in 1985. God called their family to missions in 1986 when they moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma for R to finish his aviation training. They returned to California in 1991; and in November, 1992, CCEA sent them, with their three children ages 2, 5, and 8 weeks, for full time service with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Suriname, South America. Their mission with MAF is to see individuals, communities, and nations transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. MAF utilizes aviation, communications, learning technologies, other appropriate technologies and related services, and collaborates with churches, subsidiaries, partners, and networks.

R & R and family spent their first 9 years with MAF in Paramaribo, Suriname, which is located on the northeast coast of South America. R served as pilot/mechanic during those years, as well as instructor pilot, and program manager. R was involved in the ministry in numerous ways that helped support missionaries working both in the rainforest and in the capital city. The children grew up during these years learning to speak Dutch, vacationing in the Amazon jungle, and attending an international school in Paramaribo. In 2001, R & R had worked themselves out of a “job” since they had trained competent Suriname nationals to take over the aviation ministry.

In the summer of 2001, a new chapter started in their lives when they moved from tropical, Dutch-speaking Suriname to Moscow, Russia. R became the director of the MAF Russia program, which supported missionaries and mission organizations through logistics, warehousing, distance education and a secure email service, but no aviation. It was MAF’s desire that aviation get started in Siberia, Russia, which is what R pursued the seven years they lived in Russia.

Times changed in Russia since their arrival in 2001. The logistics ministry in Moscow was taken over by competent Russian nationals. MAF is still pursuing an Aviation ministry in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, where there is another MAF family already living. Even though they were involved in other ministry like working with Russian youth through English Camps, when they were not able to obtain a long term visa, it seemed the Lord was moving them out of Russia which lead to a yearlong furlough in the US.

From there, R, R and their youngest daughter spent a year living in Suriname at the request of the Suriname MAF program called SZV. With SZV, R trained new pilots and mentored the program as director in order to get the program back on its feet. After completing those goals in Suriname, they moved back to Moscow where R worked at the school that their daughter attended and R had the ability to serve with MAF in special projects between Russia and Central Asia. Currently, R & R are working with MAF in a closed country in Southeast Asia. They are faithfully serving God through MAF, and are awaiting what God will do next in and through their lives!

If you are interested in becoming a part of R & R’s support team, please contact Carl Vinger at carl@vinger.us.

- R & R Family